A Throwback to Three Software Programs that Changed the World

These days, it’s easier to create apps and software. However, it seems harder to keep them significant. Some programs withstood the test of time while there are those that were replaced by newer and easier options. Here is a list of three classic programs that changed the computing game and made a way for software to have a steady place in people’s daily lives:

1. Lotus 1-2-3

Believe it or not, there was a time when Microsoft Office wasn’t the hero. Before the dominance of MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 took the cake for being the go-to spreadsheet program. This killer software made using an IBM PC so much easier that it was eventually acquired and distributed by the tech giant until 2013.


Image source: Exceldashboardtemplates.com

2. WordStar

This program was the reason typewriters went out of fashion. In the days where hiring typists were necessary for business operations, WordStar changed the game and enabled everyone with a computer to conveniently create their documents. Imagine typing a document without a mouse. Seems impossible, right? But during the days of WordStar, all the movements were made with a diamond-shaped controller of sorts.

3. Microsoft Word

MS Word makes the list because it embodies the meaning of a “killer app” or a program that is needed by everyone. This program gets bonus points because it survived competitors and the test of time. For PC and even Mac users, it’s hard to imagine life without Word that people know all the shortcuts by heart.


Image source: Scrounge.org

These three programs paved the way for people’s dependence on personal computers. sWork is more manageable these days thanks to today’s software and apps. Lots of programs are launched every year, but the world is still waiting for the next one that will influence people the way these three did.

Originally from Ohio, Alexander Paler currently resides in Chicago and works at CriticalKey, a healthcare tech solutions company. For more on his interests, follow this Twitter account.