The Buckeyes: Quite Possibly The Most Resilient Team In American Sports

At some point or another, a sports fan will inevitably become invested in a team of his choosing. However, the effects of a disappointing season can be quite severe. So to avoid all the heartbreak and drama, it is best to choose a winning team right off the bat. Among all of the teams in American sports today, the best team to root for might be the Ohio State Buckeyes. They have reached a spectrum where one can say that not only are they the most indestructible team in college football, but they are also one of the most resilient teams in sports.


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It only makes sense that Ohio State would reach this degree of greatness, as their elite coach Urban Meyer can recruit all of the talents that he possibly can, coupled with unlimited spending on state-of-the-art facilities. The Buckeyes’ counterparts in the NFL and NBA are being prevented from doing so because of player drafts and salary caps. As a result, the Buckeyes hold the record for the team with the longest streak without a losing season.

The LA Lakers might have had multiple championships, but their abysmal performances in the last three seasons prior to the retirement of Kobe Bryant make them less appealing than Ohio State. Looking at the next team in line, one can see that the gap is quite extreme. This further proves that nothing can touch the Buckeyes as of the moment. It might still be a few decades off before things start to turn for the worst.

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