House Of Cards Marathon: Why Watch Netflix’s Award-Winning Series

Netflix’s original American television drama, House of Cards, premiered in 2013 and recently started its fourth season last March. In its first season, the story revolved around a Democrat from South Carolina and recently appointed Secretary of State, Frank Underwood, and how he executes his revenge plans against people who betrayed him.

The next seasons’ stories would continue to be as thrilling and puzzling as the first one. The show has received a total of 23 awards and 145 nominations from Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy, Screen Actors’ Guild, and more. Here are three reasons to start binge-watching this brilliant drama:


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Underwood’s genius revenge schemes

Frank Underwood teaches how to delay gratification as he executes every minutiae of his revenge plan. Viewers will always look forward to how Underwood will gloriously crush the people who wronged him. No matter how twisted his plans get, and despite his flawed motivations, viewers will still end up supporting him. Only the combination of a great TV show and an incredibly talented actor and cast members has the power to do that.

Real politics and journalism

Viewers will get a taste of a modern day Macbeth or Hamlet as this series tackles politics the Shakespearean way. Because the drama is grounded on real politics, real presidents such as President Obama and former President Bill Clinton find the show relatable, and are avid watchers. Bill Clinton even told Kevin Spacey that 99 percent of what they do in the show is real. The show highlights money’s role in politics and how egotism and hunger for power are rampant in Washington.


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Incredibly talented cast and directing team

David Fincher, the show’s executive producer, made sure that they put together a talented cast. They were able to get their first choice actors in all the major roles. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s acting chops are more than enough motivations to be hooked. Fincher directed the first two episodes, then he put together an all-star directing team for the subsequent ones: Jodie Foster, Carl Franklin, Joel Schumacher, Agnieszka Holland, and James Foley.

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